Direct shares service

Direct shares service

Trade online with our direct shares facility

The share trading service is available for advisers on the Mentor Wrap platform. It offers real-time trading and full web-based corporate action management.

You can use this service to place instructions to buy and sell shares directly in the market, take up any corporate actions that may affect your clients’ holdings, view clients’ share holdings and peruse live ASX data.

You can place orders at any time and they will be sent or market when the ASX is open.

The cornerstone of the solution is the individual Holder Identification Number (HIN) structure. This means that a separate HIN will maintained for each individual client, which allows you to maintain complete control of your clients’ share holdings.

Key features

  • Each client will be allocated an individual HIN, enabling full entitlement to corporate actions approved by Oasis Asset Management.
  • Super/pension clients – access to 300 Australian listed securities on the ASX, generally based on the S&P/ASX 300 Index. In addition, a range of listed interest rate (LIRs) securities, preference shares, listed investment companies (LICs) and exchange traded funds (ETFs).
  • IDPS clients – access to all fully paid securities listed on the ASX, including warrants.
  • Ability to participate in an issuer’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) where available.
  • Trades will be settled by applying funds from the client’s cash account.
  • Contra trading supported, that is, proceeds from sales can be used to fund purchases before the settlement money is received.
  • Advisers can trade via either the online broker or via one of the following supported external panel brokers (via phone/fax): JB Were, RBS Morgans, Bell Potter, Shaw Stockbroking, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Lonsec, EL & C Baillieu and ANZSI.
  • Online corporate action election and participation (advisers only - investors with trading access will not have access to this feature).

Who is Macquarie Equities Ltd?

Macquarie Equities Ltd is a leading provider of online broking services in the Australian market and is a wholly owned and non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


  • Individual accounts will be held by the custodian, with a separate account established for each member or investor.
  • The underlying registration of the account and HIN will be in the name of the custodian. All holdings are CHESS broker-sponsored. Macquarie Equities Ltd is the sponsoring broker (including all trades executed by an external panel broker).
  • Oasis will provide adviser details to Macquarie Equities Ltd in order for the adviser to be given access to the share trading facility.

Adviser licensing and authorisation

  • Advisers must be appropriately licensed through their dealer to provide advice and deal in listed securities and/or warrants.
  • New investors will be required to provide their adviser with standing authority to submit trading instructions on their behalf.
  • Before submitting an investment instruction on behalf of an existing client, the adviser must ensure that he or she is appropriately authorised by the client to submit that instruction. The adviser must also keep a record of that authority.