Illustrator - OneCare Express

Illustrator - OneCare Express

OnePath's Illustrator - OneCare Express - an integrated insurance solution

OneCare Express is an intuitive electronic application program that fully integrates the quote and application. As it is desktopbased,
you can use it whether you are online or not. This means that you can receive an instant underwriting decision even while visiting clients in remote areas where an internet connection may not be available.

OneCare Express contains a sophisticated underwriting engine to ensure only questions relevant to each client’s situation are asked. The questions are tailored to take into consideration the client’s age, gender, occupation and employment status, as well as the type and amounts of cover for which you are applying.

Through the use of clever reflexive questioning, OneCare Express will refine the questions until all appropriate information has been captured to enable an underwriting assessment.

Where an immediate decision cannot be made, OneCare Express will capture all appropriate information, and outline any further underwriting requirements OnePath Life may need to complete the underwriting process.

You can obtain the OnePath Illustrator – OneCare Express desktop application from the OnePath website: