Insurance solutions

Insurance solutions

Make insurance part of the planning strategy

Insurance should be considered as a key element of an overall financial planning strategy. It can provide financial security and peace of mind by easing the potential financial strain in the case of death or disablement.

Your clients have the option to apply for OneCare insurance through Mentor Wrap Superannuation Service. These insurance options allow you to tailor the type and amount of cover to your clients’ particular needs.

The premiums for both options are deducted from your client’s superannuation account, allowing them to tax effectively package insurance within their superannuation.

Key features

  • Comprehensive and award winning cover
  • One trustee to oversee both investment and insurance
  • Upfront, stepped, hybrid and level adviser commission structures
  • Choice of premium payment frequency (monthly, half yearly, or annually)
  • Premium payment directly from superannuation account balances
  • Consolidated reporting via Mentor Wrap’s annual statements and MoneyOne
  • Tax deductibility of premiums
  • Seamless application process incorporating interim cover benefit
  • Apply for cover in and outside super all on one form

For more information, go to: OneCare Insurance.