Key features - allocated pension

Key features - allocated pension

A comprehensive range of investment choice

The Mentor Wrap allocated pension offers access to a carefully selected range of investment options including:

  • more than 200 managed funds
  • leading companies listed on the ASX 200 and a selection of exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • term deposits
  • cash.

Together with a financial adviser, investors will be able to tailor their investments according to individual preferences, tolerance to risk and return and retirement goals.

Direct share service

An online share trading facility is available for advisers on the Mentor Wrap administration platform. It offers real time trading and web-based corporate action management.

Advisers will be able to use this new service to place instructions to buy and sell shares directly in the market, take up any corporate actions that may affect their clients’ holdings, view clients’ share holdings and peruse live ASX data.

Advisers can place orders at any time the ASX is open and receive electronic confirmation of their transaction.

Non-commutable allocated pension options

Mentor Wrap provides members with the option to commence a non-commutable allocated pension whilst they continue to be employed. This option enables members to take advantage of a transition to retirement strategy with long-term taxation benefits.

Dollar cost averaging

Mentor Wrap allows members to ‘dollar cost average’ - an investment method that takes advantage of changes in market price over long periods of time. Members can invest a set amount of money on a regular basis, taking the guess work out of when to invest.

Automatic rebalancing

To ensure investments remain aligned with selected investment options, Mentor Wrap allocated pension offers an automatic rebalancing facility. If selected, this facility ensures that investments are reviewed at established intervals and, where assets in an investment option differ from the initial selected allocation selected for that particular option, the facility will, on the instructions provided:

  • sell investments that are over the selected allocation
  • buy investments that are under the selected allocation.

Investor online access

Upon joining Mentor Wrap, members will be issued with an investor code and password to enable them to conveniently view their allocated pension account online. Members will be able to securely access online web pages and reports, providing them with up-to-date information relating to their account balances, investment and payment details.

Competitive fee structure

Members of the Mentor Wrap allocated pension wrap benefit from efficiencies achieved through advanced technologies and a wide range of investment choices at a competitive fee structure, delivering high value at a minimum cost.

Our Client Services team

All allocated pension account enquiries can be directed to Mentor Wrap Client Services – a team of individuals who are dedicated to consistently delivering high quality service standards.

Advisers: 1800 893 058
Customers: 1800 893 085
Fax: 1800 097 234